14 Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza Recipes

Start off your day with these delicious and easy homemade breakfast pizza recipes. Nothing can be better than eating pizza for breakfast!

Everyone loves to eat a good breakfast in the morning.  Sometimes though…they don’t want to do milk and cereal, or eggs and bacon, or maybe even waffles.  But what else can be a delicious breakfast that will add a little excitement for the meal you’re about to have?  You got to make a homemade breakfast pizza!

Come on…everyone loves pizza, but now you can have it for breakfast (and we aren’t talking about cold pizza from the night before LOL).  We are talking about a delicious and simple homemade breakfast pizza that can be made in so many different ways.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Take for instance a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast pizza.  Or maybe you want to substitute bacon instead of sausage cause you’re more of a bacon fan.  Wait…you also love peppers in your omelet so why not put them onto your breakfast pizza!?

This is what we’re talking about…breakfast pizza recipes truly are unlimited and totally customized to however you’re feeling in the morning.  They’re typically fast and easy to make, especially if you purchase a pre-made pizza crust from your local grocery store.

Take a look at the recipes that we’ve found for you and see if you can find one or two that catch your eye and makes your mouth water.  These homemade breakfast pizza recipes are all simple to prepare and make, so you shouldn’t have many issues if you are just starting for your first time.

Enjoy your breakfast pizza!

Cover photo from:  momendeavors.com

1.  School Breakfast Pizza

We all remember going to school and looking forward to certain meals.  The school breakfast pizza was one of them (I hope)…so if you want to make a copy cat recipe like that.  This is the school breakfast pizza recipe for you!

Recipe:  soreyfitness.com

2.  Easy Cheesy Breakfast Pizza [with Video]

Bacon, egg, and cheese…the three cornerstones to a delicious breakfast pizza.  Check out this one and see how it turns out for you (we think it’s going to be great)!

Recipe:  lilluna.com

3.  English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

So you feel like breakfast pizza but you’re not sure you want to risk eating all of those carbs.  Try making it on an english muffin instead.  It’s a little bit more healthy and you still get to enjoy the yummyness of breakfast pizza in the morning!

Recipe:  foxvalleyfoodie.com

4.  Bacon and Spinach Breakfast Pizza

This bacon and spinach breakfast pizza is a little more fancy.  But don’t you worry – the taste is still going to kick off your morning right!

Recipe:  persnicketyplates.com

5.  Keto Breakfast Pizza

It’s tough to eat fun stuff when you’re on the keto diet.  But don’t you worry – this breakfast pizza recipe is keto approved!

Recipe:  howtothisandthat.com

6.  Southwestern Breakfast Pizza

A great way to start off your morning.  This breakfast pizza will give you a little bit of kick in the morning because of the peppers.  But is there any other way to start the day!?

Recipe:  momendeavors.com

7.  Breakfast Pizza with Hash Brown Crust

Now this is a unique way of making breakfast pizza.  Try this one out because it uses hash browns as the crust.  We actually thought that was a pretty cool spin on things.

Recipe:  thegunnysack.com

8.  Sausage Gravy Breakfast Pizza

So you’re a biscuit and gravy fan but you know that you can’t have that for breakfast.  So why not do this sausage gravy breakfast pizza instead!?  Best of both worlds!

Recipe:  flavorite.net

9.  Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Pizza

Another classic for the breakfast pizza world.  Sausage, egg, and cheese….there really is no way to go wrong with this one!

Recipe:  thekitchn.com

10.  Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Pizza

So you want don’t want just bacon, and you don’t want just sausage.  So why worry about it…put bacon and sausage on the breakfast pizza and just eat!

Recipe:  eatmovemake.com

11.  Classic Breakfast Pizza [Bacon, Egg, and Cheese]

Crispy bacon bits, perfectly melted cheese, and soft eggs.  Yup!  This is the breakfast pizza you are going to want to make every morning!

Recipe:  tipbuzz.com

12.  Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza

So this pizza is great because it uses scrambled egg whites and turkey sausage.  So you do get a little bit of health benefits when you eat this…right?

Recipe:  melissassouthernstylekitchen.com

13.  Easy Breakfast Pizza

It’s called an “easy breakfast pizza” recipe for a reason.  That’s because if you’re a first timer, then this is going to be the recipe you start out with to build up your confidence  that you can do it!

Recipe:  farmwifecooks.com

14.  Cracked Out Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza with cheddar, bacon, and ranch?!  Sign us up to eating a slice of this every morning!  I mean come on…what can’t be good about this breakfast pizza recipe?!

Recipe:  plainchicken.com

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