14 Healthy and Tasty Frittata Recipes

These healthy frittata recipes are sure to be a big hit at breakfast time. Give them a shot and find your new favorite!

You’ve been looking for a filling and healthy breakfast but you haven’t found the right meal yet.  You have to try out these healthy frittata recipes that we’ve gathered and shared with you.

The frittata is a great breakfast meal because it’s usually filling based on the eggs, vegetables, potatoes, or anything else you throw in there.   Think of an omelet but much heartier and more filling.

Typically when you get a frittata it’s going to be at your local diner, and it may not always be the healthiest option.  This is because they will just make it how most diner customers want it, and health isn’t a main concern.   That’s why these recipes are going to be a great alternative if you want a healthy and delicious frittata in the morning.

So take a look and see what catches your eye – from there it’s all trial and error to see what is going to become your new breakfast choice in the morning!

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1.  Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Frittata with Spiralized Potatoes

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Frittata with Spiralized Potatoes

If you’ve ever had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich – you’re going to love this recipe.  The spiralized potatoes give this frittata the carby salty goodness of the classic BEC sandwich – and it makes this a filling, satisfying breakfast.  If you’re looking for a great brunch idea or a hearty meal prep breakfast, make this frittata – it would even work well as muffins!

From:  inspiralized.com

2.  Greek Spinach, Feta, and Potato Waggle Frittata with Tzatziki

Greek spinach, feta and potato waffles

Greek Spinach, Feta and Potato Waffle Frittata with Tzatziki Sauce – a quick and super tasty lunch!

From:  supergoldenbakes.com

3.  Potato Frittata with Bacon and Feta

potato frittata

Have you tried a potato frittata recipe before? Most baked frittata recipes don’t appeal to me much because there is so much egg, but this bacon and potato frittata recipe has just the right ratios. Add in the feta and we are all in!

From:  everyday-reading.com

4.  Kale and Tomato Frittata

We love a good frittata. They’re extremely easy, ready in 10 minutes, and you can mix and match the ingredients based on what you have on hand.  Not a kale fan? Try spinach. Want to add mushrooms or cooked bacon bits? Go for it.

From: averiecooks.com

5.  Easy Baked Frittata Recipe with Spinach (Gluten-Free)

Do you ever have those moments where you need a solid breakfast or brunch dish to serve, but have NO IDEA what to make? We are solving your problem with this easy baked frittata recipe with spinach, and all the good greens! It’s also gluten-free and is ready in under an hour. (Your brunch guests will be so impressed!)

From: thebutterhalf.com

6.  Summer Vegetable and Bone Marrow Frittata


So you’re probably thinking…”bone marrow in my frittata?!”  The thing about it though, is that the marrow sort of blends in with the goat cheese and egg, adding a richness to the flavor that isn’t overt. Not to mention the asparagus and tomatoes add the sweet taste of summer that finishes it off perfectly.  Try this unique dish today!

From:  ahouseinthehills.com

7.  Broccoli and Sweet Potato Frittata With Thyme

Broccoli and sweet potato frittata with thyme - I love this healthy and easy vegetable frittata — it’s a one-pan dish that starts on the stove and then finishes in the oven. This recipe works great for all kinds of vegetables, if you’re looking to clean out some veggies in your fridge. I used broccoli and sweet potato; other great ideas include spinach, asparagus, potato, and mushrooms. Yum ? - savorytooth.com

We love this healthy and easy vegetable frittata — it’s a one-pan meal that starts on the stove and then finishes in the oven. This recipe works great for all kinds of vegetables, if you’re looking to clean out some veggies in your fridge

From:  savorytooth.com

8.  Pressure Cooker Smoked Salmon Frittata

pressure cooked smoked salmon frittata

We also love this easy pressure cooker smoked salmon frittata! Takes mere minutes to throw together and is lighter than your usual frittata. Serve it warm or cold, for breakfast, lunch or even picnic snack.

From:  supergoldenbakes.com

9.  Potato and Asparagus Frittata

Basil Potato & Asparagus Frittata | Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even when you're in need of a quick & easy dinner! | Gluten Free + Vegetarian

This basil potato & asparagus frittata is going to be your next big hit for your family and friends!  Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even when you’re in need of a quick & easy dinner.   Not to mention, it’s gluten free and vegetarian…so everyone can get to enjoy this tastiness!

From:  asaucykitchen.com

10.  Spring Veggie Frittata with Queso and Arugula

spring vegetable frittata with queso cheese and arugula I howsweeteats.com

Enjoy this frittata with roasted vegetables and queso cheese.  Did we mention that there’s crispy prosciutto in this recipe as well?  If we didn’t – well now you know.  So what are you waiting for!?

From:  howsweeteats.com

11.  Cheesy Italian Red Pepper Frittata Muffins

Light and fluffy egg frittata muffins with Italian peppers and cheese ready in 30 minutes! Bake them in a muffin pan for an easy quick breakfast!  #frittata #muffin #glutenfree #egg #healthy #breakfast #Italian | Recipe at delightfulmomfood.com

Light and fluffy egg frittata muffins with Italian peppers and cheese ready in 30 minutes! Bake them in a muffin pan for an easy quick breakfast!

From:  delightfulmomfood.com

12.  Strawberry Almond Sweet Frittata

Strawberry Almond Sweet Frittata - gluten free and low carb with a dairy free option

Switch up your usual breakfast routine with this strawberry almond sweet frittata! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a simple dessert!

From:  asaucykitchen.com

13.  Chickpea Flour Frittata

Chickpea Flour Frittata

This hot, fast, pleasantly filling frittata is what to make, especially if you can scrounge a few vegetables from the cooler, whether leftover or fresh.  Perfect for when you come home late from work or are just short on time in general and you still want a healthy meal.

From:  freshtart.com

14.  Veggie Stove-Top Frittata with Sweet Corn, Tomatoes & Zucchini

We love this veggie frittata served hot for a lazy weekend brunch, or sliced and wrapped for grab-and-go breakfasts throughout the week. Leftovers are amazing for lunch, or combine this with a big salad and some crusty bread for a no-fuss weeknight dinner.

From:  alwaysorderdessert.com

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