14 Unique and Healthy Ground Turkey Recipes

Make the best use of ground turkey with these healthy ground turkey recipes! We’ve assembled a nice variety that is sure to make your family happy.

You feel like eating healthier don’t you…but you just don’t have any idea of where to start.  These healthy ground turkey recipes are sure to give you a jump start when planning your next meal.

Take for instance a recipe for Chinese green beans with ground turkey.  You’re going to get the benefits of the ground turkey meat, but that’s paired with some delicious crunchy green beans to give you the vegetable portion of the meal.

Or how about trying out some fantastic baked turkey meatballs!?  We know, we know….you usually only make your meatballs with ground beef and ground pork.  Well give these a shot and see if maybe you can add this ground turkey meatball recipe to the rotation.

Better yet, if you just want to use ground turkey for a simple appetizer, then try the recipe for turkey stuffed zucchini.  You can’t go wrong with this recipe if you’re trying to be healthy and have better eating habits!

Whatever you choose to go with, these healthy ground turkey recipes are going to give you a lot of options to pick from.  Make sure that you try out a few or maybe even all of them…LOL!   Drop us a comment and let us know which ones were your favorite – we love to read what you say!

Cover photo from:  produceforkids.com


1.  Egg Roll in a Bowl [+Video]

Skip the fried egg rolls and instead make this “eggroll in a bowl”.  It’s a quick and healthy dinner that’s ready in only 20 minutes.  It’ll taste just like your favorite Chinese restaurant side dish?!

Recipe:  theseasonedmom.com

2.  Turkey Stuffed Peppers

If you’ve been looking for a healthy low-carb meal then stop right here – this is gonna be the one for you!  Fix your unhealthy eating habits with this turkey stuffed pepper recipe.  It has tons of vegetables, turkey, and pepper jack cheese in it?.

Recipe:  therecipecritic.com

3.  Ground Turkey Hash with Squash and Peppers

Make this ground turkey hash and wait 30 minutes from start to finish.  Put a simple fried egg right on top and you’ll have a delicious breakfast meal in no time?.

Recipe:  oursaltykitchen.com

4.  Korean Ground Turkey and Rice Bowls

Enjoy this Korean ground turkey recipe because it’s fast, healthy, and it’s a convenient family meal for dinner.  No prep really needed and it’ll come together and only 20 minutes?!

Recipe:  theschmidtywife.com

5.  Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

If it’s a cold winter night, warm up with some chili.  Better yet, some ground turkey and sweet potato chili!  It can be made in one pot and will feed your family all winter long.

Recipe:  thehealthymaven.com

6.  One Pot Healthy Turkey Skillet

This one pot turkey skillet makes dinner super easy.  Wanna make it under 25 minutes?  No problem!  Clean up is a breeze and it’s perfect for leftovers the next day!

Recipe:  produceforkids.com

7.  Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey

These Chinese green beans and ground turkey recipe is by far one of the best ones on our list.  It’s an easy dinner that’s quick and flavorful and did we mention healthy?  It’ll be a huge hit in your house?!

Recipe:  wearychef.com

8.  Skinny Enchilada Turkey Soup

You’ll enjoy the skinny turkey enchilada soup because it’s easy and flavorful.  Not to mention it’s simple, easy, and healthy!  Did we mention that it’s made with ground turkey which is a great healthy alternative.

Recipe:  thesaltymarshmallow.com

9.  Baked Turkey Meatballs [Healthy Meal Prep]

If you’ve been looking for a great and healthy meal prep recipe look no further!  These baked turkey meatballs are going to be an easy addition to your healthy eating plan.  Not to mention you can make about 45 meatballs with this recipe so they’re easy to freeze and go!

Recipe: tasteandsee.com

10.  Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

This ground turkey and sweet potato skillet is so perfect if you’re trying to eat gluten-free!  It’s a meal that is full of flavor.  It’s hard enough to feed the family if you’re busy on a weeknight and looking for a dinner option? – this recipe will fix it!

Recipe:  lifeloveliz.com

11.  Turkey Taco Skillet

Enjoy this turkey taco skillet dinner because it loaded with potatoes, peppers, onions, and seasoned ground turkey. Add in the homemade pico de gallo and creamy avocado dressing it’s gonna be such a delicious and good meal for you and your family?!

Recipe:  thewholecook.com

12.  Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats

An easy and healthy way to eat ground turkey.  Just core out some zucchini and stuff it with this ground turkey.  Throw on some cheese and from there all you’re gonna wanna do is eat more more and more but don’t worry it’s healthy?!

Recipe:  cleananddelicious.com

13.  Teriyaki Turkey Rice Bowls

You won’t even realize the sweet teriyaki sauce in this, but trust us it’s a secret part of the whole recipe!  This teriyaki turkey rice bowl is one of the healthy ground turkey recipes that will make your whole family love it and want you to make it over and over again?.

Recipe:  yellowblissroad.com

14.  Thai Inspired Ground Turkey Stir Fry

If you’ve been looking for a low-carb, dairy free, and gluten-free meal – this is gonna be the one for you.  Enjoy this tasty ground turkey stir fry because it’s so healthy and it’ll make it taste like you’re eating in Thailand!

Recipe:  kalynskitchen.com


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