15 Healthy and Delicious Chicken Popper Recipes

Give these chicken popper recipes a go for your next finger licking snack or meal! Perfect for a leftover snack at work the next day as well.

There usually isn’t many healthy appetizers available when you think of a party or tailgate.  But these healthy chicken popper recipes are going to make you think different from here on out!

The best thing about these chicken popper recipes is that if you’re on the paleo diet, whole30 diet, or some other diet where you need to watch what you eat – these recipes are going to give you some delicious alternatives.

We have found chicken popper recipes like orange chicken, butternut squash, buffalo chicken, bacon cheddar, or maybe even some breakfast sausage ones!  Many of these recipes are easy to make, so don’t worry about it if you have never tried to make chicken poppers before.

Give these healthy chicken popper recipe a shot and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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1.  Butternut Squash Chicken Poppers

You’re gonna feel like it’s a nice autumn day when you taste these chicken poppers.  The butternut squash flavor paired with a great cranberry sauce for dipping is a perfect combination.  Enjoy these with a side of fall vegetables if you’d like!

Recipe:  recipesinstant.com

2.  Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers

Bacon, ranch, and chicken?!  Now put all those flavor into a chicken popper and you have an awesome little snack for yourself.  What more are you really needing?!

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

3.  Breakfast Sausage Chicken Poppers

Another great snack for you to start your morning with.  The breakfast sausage poppers are a sure fire hit.  With one popper, you’re going to get tastes of sweet potato, spinach, apple, bacon, and other delicious herbs!

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

4.  Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

Sweet potato chicken poppers are an excellent healthy snack.  Stuffed with green onion and sweet potatoes – what isn’t there to like.  An awesome meal option for you as well!

Recipe:  koleksiinfobagus.blogspot.com

5.  Asian Chicken Poppers

Put a spin on your chicken popper recipe with this Asian chicken popper recipe.  Get the taste of Chinese food that you’re used to, but without the added MSG and ingredients that usually come with Chinese take out.

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

6.  Chicken Zucchini Poppers

The perfect blend of chicken and zucchini makes these chicken zucchini poppers are must try.  Perfect for a make ahead meal or a quick and tasty snack.  Each bite is packed with veggies – so this is a great family meal!

Recipe:  tastythin.com

7.  Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

If you want to eat healthy and are looking for a gluten free option – these chicken poppers could be it!  Perfect for people avoiding eggs or if you’re on the paleo diet.  Try these sweet potato chicken poppers today!

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

8.  Chipotle Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

If you’re on the paleo or Whole30 diet – these chicken poppers are ones to try.  Chipotle flavors will add a nice little spicy kick to each bite.  Not to mention, it’s a perfect freezer friendly meal that you can do for weekly meal prep.

Recipe:  paleoglutenfree.com

9.  Chicken Bacon Ranch Poppers

One of our favorite recipes because we just love anything chicken, bacon, ranch related.  Packed with flavor and a great family meal option.  If you happen to have leftovers don’t worry – just bring them to work or eat them the next day!

Recipe:  40aprons.com

10.  Parmesan Chicken Poppers

Your next meal of leftovers for lunch won’t ever be the same.  These Parmesan chicken poppers are going to change your life!  Don’t believe it?  Just try it for yourself and thank us later.

Recipe:  damndelicious.net

11.  Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Chicken

Try this chicken popper recipe for a different take on that traditional recipe.   Yeah it may not actually be a chicken popper but don’t let that stop you.  The cheese stuffed and bacon wrapped chicken breast is going to be sooooo good you won’t even care!

Recipe:  ketocookingchristian.com

12.  Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Buffalo chicken flavor plus wrapped in bacon!?  What this recipe is going to do to your taste buds is going to shock you.  No you don’t need to worry about leftovers, because we promise you’ll be eating them all after they are put on the table!

Recipe:  deliciouslittlebites.com

13.  Mexican Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

Looking for a great dish to pass at the Cinco De Mayo party?  Look no further than this Mexican chicken popper recipe.  You’ll have people asking you for the recipe after they taste these!

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

14.  Pineapple Chicken Poppers

If you’ve been looking for a kid friendly but healthy meal for your next dinner, just try these out.  The pineapple chicken poppers are a great weeknight meal for your kids.  Not to mention – they’re easy to make and gluten free!

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

15.  Orange Chicken Poppers

One of our favorite chicken popper recipes.  The orange chicken poppers are easy to make and so yummy when they’re done.   A great alternative to take out Chinese food when you’re feeling like ordering out.

Recipe:  unboundwellness.com

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