17 Sweet and Savory Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

  • on December 10, 2019
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These homemade ice cream recipes are perfect for summertime. So many different flavors and styles to choose from!

I can’t believe how much I love ice cream.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!  It’s really my favorite dessert because of all the different flavors.  That’s why I’ve assembled 17 of the best homemade ice cream recipes that I’ve found online.

Ice cream is so awesome because of all the different flavors that are out there.  I personally like cookie dough the best, the big chunks of cookie dough are so fun to find in my ice cream and add such a delicious texture.

Many people will enjoy making their own homemade chocolate ice cream, or you can venture out and make blackberry flavored ice cream if you’re a blackberry fan.  The possibilities are endless for the amount of flavors that you can make at home.

Take a look at the following homemade ice cream recipes that I’ve put together for you.  If you love what you’ve found, then feel free to share it with your friends and family.  We’d love to get the word spread around!

Cover photo from:  cookingactress.com

1.  Keto Friendly Butter Pecan Ice Cream

This creamy butter pecan flavor is so darn delicious.  Not to mention, a benefit is that it’s keto friendly.  So if you’re on the keto diet – you can still enjoy this creamy butter pecan ice cream!

Recipe:  tasteaholics.com

2.  Baileys Ice Cream

Grab a bottle of Baileys and get ready to enjoy it in this ice cream.  It’s going to have a nice milky but creamy flavor and the chocolate chips add a sweet texture.  Perfect for St Patricks day!

Recipe:  runningtothekitchen.com

3.  Super Easy Cinnamon Ice Cream

This cinnamon ice cream is super simple to make.  It’s going to have the cinnamon spice flavor you’re expecting and it’ll be perfect to put on a slice of apple pie.

Recipe:  creationsbykara.com

4.  Fresh Blackberry Ice Cream

This blackberry ice cream comes together with just six ingredients.  The homemade vanilla ice cream gets stepped up a notch with the blackberry jam.  Super easy to make with a ice cream maker.

Recipe:  bakedbyanintrovert.com

5.  Chocolate & Cherry Ice Cream

Cherries and chocolate go so well together.  Now put those two ingredients into ice cream and you definitely have a winner!  Try this cherry and chocolate ice cream recipe today.

Recipe:  savingdessert.com

6.  Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I told you before about how much I love cookie dough ice cream.  Now you can make your own homemade cookie dough ice cream.  You’ll love the gobs of cookie dough that are in every bite!

Recipe:  julieseatsandtreats.com

7.  Peanut Butter Butterfinger Ice Cream

If you love butterfinger candy and also love peanut butter, then make this ice cream right away.  You’ll enjoy how all the flavors come together and you get a tasty crunch in every bite!

Recipe:  cookingactress.com

8.  Rocky Road Ice Cream

This recipe for homemade rocky road ice cream will produce a delicious creamy treat.  The toasted almonds and marshmallow chunks will fill this ice cream with a bunch of tasty goodness!

Recipe:  creationsbykara.com

9.  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream is going to be a huge hit for your family and friends.  Each bite has little bits of chocolate, and the minty flavor carries thru with every bite you take!

Recipe:  dishesanddustbunnies.com

10.  Homemade London Fog Ice Cream

This homemade London fog ice cream is made with Earl Grey tea.  That’s the secret ingredient that gives this ice cream a great flavor.  No ice cream machine needed!

Recipe:  electricbluefood.com

11.  Salted Caramel Ice Cream

I’m a big fan of putting caramel on top of my ice cream – it’s one of my favorite toppings.  Now I can get that same flavor that I love in this homemade salted caramel ice cream!

Recipe:  lifecurrentsblog.com

12.  Homemade Banana Ice Cream

This homemade banana ice cream is delicious especially if you’re a fan of bananas.  If you like banana pudding, imagine that awesome flavor in ice cream form – well here it is!

Recipe:  scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

13.  Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream

I think this brown sugar cinnamon ice cream is perfect for fall time.  It goes so well with a slice of apple pie – it just reminds me of all the best parts of autumn.

Recipe:  sugardishme.com

14.  Homemade Orange Sherbet

This is the ultimate light ice cream.  No ice cream maker is needed to make it .  It takes just four ingredients to make this homemade orange sherbet ice cream – it couldn’t be easier!

Recipe:  scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

15.  Creamy Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

The fresh strawberries bring the creamy and fruity flavor into this delicious ice cream.  You’ll love this homemade strawberry ice cream if you’re a fan of strawberries!

Recipe:  alattefood.com

16.  Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream is one of the premier flavors of any ice cream store.  This recipe for homemade chocolate ice cream tastes so good because of the cocoa powder and real chocolate!

Recipe:  theflavorbender.com

17.  Old Fashioned Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Last but not least, we have the classic vanilla flavored ice cream.  It’s perfect for a hot summer day – you’ll just love how this homemade vanilla ice cream turns out and how delicious it is!

Recipe:  reluctantentertainer.com

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