19 Homemade Salsa Verde Recipes

These homemade salsa verde recipes are super fresh and perfect for beginners. Find your new favorite salsa verde recipe that’s perfect for any meal!

You’re going to want to write a few of these next recipes down.  You’re never going to buy store bought salsa verde again when it’s time for chips and dip!  These homemade salsa verde recipes are going to be a huge hit with your family.

What makes salsa verde so irresistible?!  Well let’s start with the common thread of the equation…the freshness!  Nothing is going to beat this fresh salsa verde when it hits your taste buds on a delicious crunchy and salty tortilla chip.

Grab some perfect green tomatoes and don’t overthink the recipes.  Put this salsa verde on anything that you’d put tomato salsa on.  Think of foods like – huevos rancheros, burrito bowls, breakfast tacos, whatever really!

Take a look at some of the homemade salsa verde recipes that we’ve found for you.  There’s got to be a few that catch your eye and you’re curious on what they’ll taste like.  So what are you waiting for – let’s get started!

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1.  Creamy Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Verde

This creamy tomatillo avocado salsa verde recipe is so easy to make.  It takes just 20 minutes to prepare.   The green avocado salsa is perfect for chips and dip day!

Recipe:  wholesomeyum.com

2.  Salsa Verde Guacamole

This salsa verde guacamole is going to be a huge hit at the party.  If you got a game day or tailgate party, then you’re going to wanna make this!  The tomato, cilantro, smashed avocado, and jalpenos make this a delicious  recipe for salsa verde.

Recipe:  togetherasfamily.com

3.  Homemade Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This homemade roasted tomatillo salsa verde easy to make.  What makes it better is that it’s paleo and low carb.  The flavors are going to make your taste buds go crazy!

Recipe:  beautyandthefoodie.com

4.  Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

This hatch chile salsa verde is a delicious way to spice up any Mexican dish!  Maybe you want some spicy salsa when you have tortilla chips – well this is going to be the one to make.

Recipe:  livelytable.com

5.  Homemade Salsa Verde

This homemade salsa verde is a different take on the classic salsa recipe.  Pair it with tortilla chips or any Mexican dish you make.

Recipe:  greatgrubdelicioustreats.com

6.  Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde [with Video]

You can learn how to make an authentic Mexican homemade salsa verde recipe with this video.  In just a few minutes and with five ingredients, the step by step recipe video will make it super simple.

Recipe:  mamalatinatips.com

7.  Simple Salsa Verde Recipe

If you’ve been looking for an easy salsa verde recipe then this could be the one for you.  In less than 20 minutes you can be done with prep and making it – jump right into eating it!

Recipe:  thriftandspice.com

8.  Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde

You can put this authentic Mexican salsa verde recipe up against any local Mexican restaurant.  You may have your favorite Mexican restaurant version, but this will go with anything you make at home!

Recipe:  mylatinatable.com

9.  Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

The roasted tomatillo salsa verde recipe has got to be one of the easiest Mexican salsa recipes to make at home.  With only a few ingredients, you’ll get a robust and tasty side dish to use with any Mexican meal you make.

Recipe:  inmamamaggieskitchen.com

10.  Charred Salsa Verde

This quite possibly become your new go to salsa at home!  It’s a salsa verde recipe with smoky and spicy flavors,  and with sweet and bright colors.  This all comes together in one complex salsa recipe.

Recipe:  seriouseats.com

11.  Homemade Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Now if you’re looking for a recipe that comes together quickly – look no further!  This homemade roasted tomatillo salsa is going to make you seriously compare it to your favorite Mexican restaurant!

Recipe:  dontsweattherecipe.com

12.  Green Tomato Salsa Verde

Pair this delicious green salsa with chips, a taco, or even on grilled meats or fish.  If you’ve got a bunch of green tomatoes in your garden, then try this green salsa verde recipe!

Recipe:  growforagecookferment.com

13.  Sweet Salsa Verde


This delicious salsa recipe is going to take just minutes to make.  With only a few ingredients like tomatillos, jalapenos, sugar, and cilantro…this will be ready for you to eat in no time!

Recipe:  lilluna.com

14.  Whole30 Roasted Salsa Verde

If you’re someone who’s on the Whole30 diet, you are serious about what you make and eat.  You can use this roasted salsa verde recipe with any Mexican dish you make without having to worry.  It’s Whole30 diet approved!

Recipe:  40aprons.com

15.  Tomatillo Salsa Verde

What’s so good about this recipe for homemade tomatillo salsa verde – is that there’s three methods for how you can make it.  It’s sooooo good, and these recipes will show you how you make this delicious Mexican green salsa!

Recipe:  simplyrecipes.com

16.  Salsa Verde Recipe

This salsa is super easy to make.  You will use fresh ingredients to make this healthy dip.  Use it with enchiladas, or to pour over tacos.  Don’t buy the versions you see in grocery stores anymore!

Recipe:  houseofyumm.com

17.  Roasted Salsa Verde

This recipe for roasted salsa verde is by far a favorite of ours.  This is a stable condiment in Mexican restaurants.  You’ll be able to eat this with tortilla chips, huevos rancheros, or even salsa verde chicken.   Any Mexican dish will work well!

Recipe:  leelalicious.com

18.  Fresh Homemade Salsa Verde

With this recipe you’re going to learn how to make the best homemade salsa verde recipe.  The ingredients include fresh tomatillos, roasted garlic, and the perfect amount of seasoning.  Enjoy this fresh salsa!

Recipe:  tastesoflizzyt.com

19.  Easy Salsa Verde Recipe

With this easy salsa verde recipe, you’ll get a little bit of sweet and spicy all in one delicious dish.  This homemade tomatatillo salsa pairs so well with your favorite Mexican dish or just dipping with tortilla chips!

Recipe:  iheartnaptime.net

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