19 Homemade Salsa Verde Recipes

These homemade salsa verde recipes are super fresh and perfect for beginners. Find your new favorite salsa verde recipe that’s perfect for any meal!

You’re going to want to write a few of these next recipes down.  You’re never going to buy store bought salsa verde again when it’s time for chips and dip!  These homemade salsa verde recipes are going to be a huge hit with your family.

What makes salsa verde so irresistible?!  Well let’s start with the common thread of the equation…the freshness!  Nothing is going to beat this fresh salsa verde when it hits your taste buds on a delicious crunchy and salty tortilla chip.

Grab some perfect green tomatoes and don’t overthink the recipes.  Put this salsa verde on anything that you’d put tomato salsa on.  Think of foods like – huevos rancheros, burrito bowls, breakfast tacos, whatever really!

Take a look at some of the homemade salsa verde recipes that we’ve found for you.  There’s got to be a few that catch your eye and you’re curious on what they’ll taste like.  So what are you waiting for – let’s get started!

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1.  Creamy Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Verde

Learn how to make this EASY creamy tomatillo avocado salsa verde recipe. Just 20 minutes to prepare green avocado salsa (a.k.a. roasted tomatillo salsa).

Recipe:  wholesomeyum.com

2.  Salsa Verde Guacamole

This salsa verde guacamole is loaded with tomato, cilantro, smashed avocado, jalapenos, and salsa verde.  Serve it with some tortilla chips at your next game day or tailgate party!

Recipe:  togetherasfamily.com

3.  Homemade Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This homemade roasted tomatillo salsa verde is an easy to make, paleo, low carb, very flavorful salsa or sauce recipe.

Recipe:  beautyandthefoodie.com

4.  Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

This hatch chile salsa verde is a delicious way to use hatch chiles and to spice up any Mexican dish!

Recipe:  livelytable.com

5.  Homemade Salsa Verde

This homemade salsa verde is my take on this delicious roasted flavored salsa that is great to eat with tortilla chips or add to your favorite Mexican dish.

Recipe:  greatgrubdelicioustreats.com

6.  Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde [with Video]

Learn how to make an authentic Mexican homemade salsa verde in minutes. You just need 5 fresh ingredients! Step by step recipe and video.

Recipe:  mamalatinatips.com

7.  Simple Salsa Verde Recipe

This is a great salsa verde recipe because of how simple it is to make.  You can have this done in about 20 minutes when you follow the easy instructions.

Recipe:  thriftandspice.com

8.  Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde

This authentic Mexican salsa verde is better than anything that you’ll find in your favorite Mexican restaurant.  It’s perfect because it goes so well with everything!

Recipe:  mylatinatable.com

9.  Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde is one of the easiest Mexican salsas to make at home. Only a few ingredients and you get a robust and tasty appetizer that’s full of amazing flavors.

Recipe:  inmamamaggieskitchen.com

10.  Charred Salsa Verde

Smoky, spicy, sweet, bright, and complex, this is the one salsa verde recipe to make.  It’s quite possibly going to become your new favorite salsa!

Recipe:  seriouseats.com

11.  Homemade Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Homemade roasted tomatillo salsa (salsa verde) is just like your favorite restaurant’s, if not better! This is a great recipe that comes together pretty quick and delivers a bright, fresh flavor to the table.

Recipe:  dontsweattherecipe.com

12.  Green Tomato Salsa Verde

If you have a lot of green tomatoes in your garden, this green tomato salsa verde recipe is for you! It has the subtle tang of green tomatoes with a hint of lime. This green salsa is perfect paired with chips, as a taco topper, or on grilled meats or fish.

Recipe:  growforagecookferment.com

13.  Sweet Salsa Verde

A delicious salsa recipe that is sweet and spicy and takes just minutes to make. The fresh ingredients you’ll use include tomatillos, jalapeños, sugar, & cilantro.

Recipe:  lilluna.com

14.  Whole30 Roasted Salsa Verde

This roasted salsa verde is full of flavor and is a fantastic Whole30 salsa for the warm weather.  Whole30 salsa will become your new favorite salsa verde, we promise you that!

Recipe:  40aprons.com

15.  Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Check out these 3 methods for making homemade tomatillo Salsa Verde.  A delicious Mexican green salsa made with roasted tomatillos, chile peppers, lime juice, cilantro, and onion.

Recipe:  simplyrecipes.com

16.  Salsa Verde Recipe

This easy to make salsa is loaded with fresh ingredients making this a perfectly healthy dip or sauce to use for dipping chips into, making enchiladas, or pouring over some tacos.  Don’t buy the jar versions anymore!

Recipe:  houseofyumm.com

17.  Roasted Salsa Verde

This amazing roasted Salsa Verde is my favorite Mexican condiment. Made with just a handful of fresh ingredients like tomatillos, chiles and cilantro this salsa is perfect for dipping tortilla chips, huevos rancheros verde or salsa verde chicken!

Recipe:  leelalicious.com

18.  Fresh Homemade Salsa Verde

In this recipe…they are teaching you how to make the best homemade salsa verde recipe with fresh tomatillos, roasted garlic and just the right seasonings. This is the perfect fresh salsa!

Recipe:  tastesoflizzyt.com

19.  Easy Salsa Verde Recipe

This is an easy salsa verde recipe with a touch of sweet and spicy.  Enjoy this homemade tomatillo salsa with some tortilla chips or your favorite Mexican dish.

Recipe:  iheartnaptime.net

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