20 Simple and Delicious Beer Bread Recipes

These 20 simple and delicious beer bread recipes are perfect for any meal. They are quick and easy to make – typically in less than an hour!

If you love to eat bread but have never tried to make it at home – then keep on reading.  These 20 simple and delicious beer bread recipes are going to be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What’s so cool about making beer bread is that it takes some of the guess work out.  Yes, you still have to follow the recipe…but you’re using the yeast that’s already in the beer to make the bread.  It’s much easier to open a cold one and pour it in!

There really is so many different beer bread recipes to choose from.  Everything from a plain hearty loaf to jalapeno cheddar and cheesy garlic beer bread.  There’s going to be a beer bread recipe that you’ll want to make for sure.

So on that next chilly autumn or winter night when you’ve got soup on the menu – think about making some bread to go with it.  With these 20 simple and delicious beer bread recipes – you’ll be able to find something that interests you!

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1.  Easy Pumpkin Beer Bread

One of the best features of beer bread is that it requires no kneading or long rising times. Pair them together to get this easy pumpkin beer bread recipe. #beerbread #pumpkinbread #pumpkinrecipes #frugalnavywife | Beer Bread Recipes | Pumpkin Recipes | Pumpkin Bread Recipes | Fall Recipes | Bread Recipes

Article image from –  thefrugalnavywife.com

You’ll enjoy the rich pumpkin flavor this pumpkin beer bread recipe.  It’s going to be a great dish to serve in autumn!

Recipe:  thefrugalnavywife.com

2.  Delicious and Easy Beer Bread

Article image fromglitterandgoulash.com

This beer bread is quick and simple to make.  It’s super hearty and is the perfect item to pair with a nice big bowl of warm soup!

Recipe:  glitterandgoulash.com

3.  Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar Beer Bread

Beer Bread

Article image fromsmalltownwoman.com

This recipe for beer bread is going to set your taste buds into overdrive.  It’s got the cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and spicy jalapeno wrapped into a perfectly baked loaf of bread!

Recipe:  smalltownwoman.com

4.  Three Ingredient Beer Bread

up close photo of three ingredient beer bread that has had to pieces sliced

Article image fromsimplejoy.com

This beer bread recipe name says it all.  It’s quick and simple to make because it only takes three ingredients!

Recipe:  simplejoy.com

5.  Two Ingredient Beer Bread

Article image fromfarmwifefeeds.com

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier to make beer bread.  This recipe takes only two…that’s right…two ingredients to make!

Recipe:  farmwifefeeds.com

6.  Three Ingredient Beer Bread [No Yeast + No Knead]

A loaf of beer bread cut into slices on a wooden board

Article image fromtheseasonedmom.com

What makes this beer bread so good to make?  It takes only three ingredients and doesn’t need you to knead it!

Recipe:  theseasonedmom.com

7.  Easy Five Ingredient Beer Bread

A loaf of easy beef bread with a pat of butter on top.

Article image fromyellowblissroad.com

This beer bread comes together in about an hour.  The final product is full of flavor and perfectly soft and moist!

Recipe:  yellowblissroad.com

8.  Easy Homemade Italian Beer Bread

Italian Beer Bread & Sundried Tomato Butter Recipe | SnappyGourmet.com

Article image fromsnappygourmet.com

This Italian beer bread recipe is one of our favorites.  They also include the recipe for the sundried butter spread that pairs perfectly with the beer bread.

Recipe:  snappygourmet.com

9.  Cheddar Beer Bread

Cheddar Beer Bread - Easy to make and tastes amazing!

Article image fromahelicoptermom.com

This is such an easy recipe to follow for cheddar beer bread.  What’s so cool about it, is that you can use any beer or cheese to make it (so have some fun)!

Recipe:  ahelicoptermom.com

10.  Sourdough Beer Bread

Article image fromrebootedmom.com

This sourdough beer bread is full of fantastic flavors.  After you try this recipe out – you’ll want to make it over and over again for your friends and family!

Recipe:  rebootedmom.com

11.  Easy Honey Beer Bread

Honey Beer Bread Recipe

Article image fromgimmesomeoven.com

This honey beer bread is super easy to make.   It only takes six ingredients and the final product is light and sweet tasting!

Recipe:  gimmesomeoven.com

12.  Homemade Beer Bread

Beer Bread Recipe

Article image fromiambaker.net

This is a great recipe for beer bread to make if you’re a first timer.  The recipe creator has found the best beers to use if you want the best tasting bread.

Recipe:  iambaker.net

13.  Chocolate Stout Beer Bread

Homemade Chocolate Stout Beer Bread Recipe

Article image fromgluedtomycraftsblog.com

If you’re a beer and chocolate lover – this recipe is going to be for you.  The chocolate stout beer bead just is the perfect mix of beer, chocolate, and a delicious fluffy bread loaf!

Recipe:  gluedtomycraftsblog.com

14.  Garlic Herb Beer Bread

A stack of homemade garlic herb beer bread.

Article image fromhouseofyumm.com

This is a delicious garlic herb beer bread recipe.  It comes out as a fluffy loaf of bread that goes well with a hearty and rich bowl of soup or chili!

Recipe:  houseofyumm.com

15.  Garlic Cheese Beer Bread

Beer Bread Recipe with Garlic and Cheese | This Garlic cheese beer bread is delicious! This easy recipe is great with salads, or alone. Make it with craft microbrew or regular beer. Click on the photo for the recipe. TodaysCreativeLife.com

Article image fromtodayscreativelife.com

Another garlic beer bread recipe that has cheese in it this time.  This recipe is going to make your mouth water after you smell the finished product fresh out of the oven!

Recipe:  todayscreativelife.com

16.  Quick Beer Bread

Beer Bread Recipe

Article image fromshesaved.com

This recipe for beer bread is super quick and easy.  It’s perfect for any dinner that needs a side of bread.  This recipe comes with the instructions for a garlic dip as well!

Recipe:  shesaved.com

17.  Easiest Beer Bread Ever

Article image fromaprincessandherpirates.com

If you’ve been wanting an easy beer bread recipe that you can serve with soup, chili, or something else…look no further.  It’s one of the easier beer bread recipes we’ve found and it’s full of flavor!

Recipe:  aprincessandherpirates.com

18.  Easy Beer Bread

4 ingredient beer bread

Article image fromorganizedisland.com

Have a delicious loaf of beer bread on the dinner table in about one hour.  It takes just six ingredients to make this beer bread recipe…nothing could be easier!

Recipe:  organizedisland.com

19.  Grandma’s Famous Beer Bread

Easy Beer Bread Recipe

Article image fromiambaker.net

We all know that Grandma seemed to have the best recipes for everything.  Now you can see why her beer bread recipe was to die for!

Recipe:  iambaker.net

20.  Mom’s Best Beer Bread

Moms Best Beer Bread recipe

Article image fromkleinworthco.com

We all remember our Mom making us the most comforting food on cold winter nights.  This beer bread recipe is perfect for that – just four ingredients and super easy to make!

Recipe:  kleinworthco.com

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