25 Perfectly Simple Egg Roll Recipes

These simple to make egg roll recipes are going to be your new favorite appetizer. Perfect for game day snacks or an appetizer option!

When you think of egg rolls I’m sure you think of Chinese food.  Why wouldn’t you though?  But what if you had the ability to make egg rolls with all types of different fillings?!

These 25 perfectly simple egg roll recipes are sure to be a big hit from now on with you friends and family.  Make these for a tailgate party, a delicious finger food option,  or maybe even a meal in itself!

The egg roll recipes we’ve found for you have a ton of variation.  Buffalo chicken egg rolls, Shrimp and veggie egg rolls, or maybe even a spinach artichoke egg roll will be the one that you make.

We’ve gone all over the internet to find these egg roll recipes that will be easy for you to make.  We don’t like when recipes look so delicious but are complex to make – it just ruins the motivation to cook and make something!

So take a look at these egg roll recipes and let us know which ones you like and what ones you’ve made.  Leave a comment or share this on your favorite social media platform with your friends!

Cover photo from:  eazypeazymealz.com

1.  Easy Baked Chicken Egg Rolls

Serve these delicious baked chicken egg rolls with some rice and veggies.  It makes for a quick and easy weekday meal for your family.

Recipe:  seededatthetable.com

2.  Bang Bang Shrimp Egg Rolls

Enjoy these bang bang shrimp egg rolls for a tasty game day snack or a quick appetizer.  Fill these egg rolls with some shrimp, slaw, and the awesome bang bang sauce – just make, serve, and eat!

Recipe:  domesticsuperhero.com

3.  Shrimp and Veggie Egg Rolls

You can make these shrimp and veggie egg rolls in just minutes.  What makes them so good is that they can be baked or fried for a quick meal or a simple snack.  You’ll enjoy the crispy and savory flavors!

Recipe:  eazypeazymealz.com

4.  Chicken Parm Egg Rolls

Blend two awesome foods together into one perfect dish.  These chicken parm egg rolls use baked chicken tenders to speed up the prep and cooking process!

Recipe:  delish.com

5.  Turkey Club Egg Rolls

A turkey club sandwich in an egg roll is how you can explain this dish.  Filled with turkey, bacon, tomato, and more!  You’ll love to make these and serve them at a tailgate or game day party!

Recipe:  domesticsuperhero.com

6.  Baked Southwest Egg Rolls

If you love the tex-mex type dishes, then you’ll really love these baked southwest egg rolls.  This recipe for these egg rolls are great finger foods for any party or appetizer!

Recipe:  scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

7.  Easy Chicken Egg Rolls

Perfect for an appetizer option, these easy chicken egg rolls are going to be a hit.  Not to mention you can have these prepped and cooked in only 30 minutes and that’s because of all the fresh veggies inside!

Recipe:  dinnerthendessert.com

8.  Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Be careful when you make these easy cheeseburger egg rolls…because people are going to expect you to make these time and time again!  Don’t forget the delicious dipping sauce that is simple to make and paired perfectly.

Recipe:  the36thavenue.com

9.  Southwestern Egg Rolls

Enjoy these southwestern egg rolls as a simple family meal.  You can make these into a vegetarian meal too, just leave out the taco seasoned chicken and throw in more beans.

Recipe:  justataste.com

10.  Chili Dog Egg Rolls

So many people love chili cheese dogs and now you can get them in the form of an egg roll.  Try out this creative spin on the chili cheese dog!

Recipe:  delish.com

11.  Tex Mex Egg Rolls [Cheesecake Factory Copycat]

If you’re used to the Cheesecake Factory tex mex egg rolls, then you’ll really love to make these at home.  Consider this an authentic copy cat recipe that you can enjoy a homemade version of.  Don’t forget the creamy avocado dipping sauce!

Recipe:  dinnerthendessert.com

12.  Vietnamese Egg Rolls

A crunchy egg roll with flavor filled ingredients packed inside.  These Vietnamese egg rolls are filled with shrimp,  ground pork, and veggies!

Recipe:  joyousapron.com

13.  Korean Ground Beef Egg Rolls

This Korean egg roll recipe is made with ground beef, garlic, ginger, and a few other ingredients.  The inside is soft and sweet which makes this a great party food!

Recipe:  dinnerthendessert.com

14.  Pepperoni Pizza Crispy Egg Rolls

A fantastic after school treat to keep your kids from eating frozen foods.  These pepperoni pizza egg rolls are also great to make for a party appetizer.  Just takes a few minutes to prepare!

Recipe:  dinnerthendessert.com

15.  Reuben Sandwich Egg Rolls

If you’re a fan of the reuben sandwich then you’re in luck.  Imagine eating a reuben sandwich in egg roll form.  You can even complete it with a homemade thousand island dressing on the side to dip in!

Recipe:  thecandidappetite.com

16.  Cuban Sandwich Egg Rolls

Make a Cuban sandwich in egg roll form with this simple recipe.  These Cuban sandwich egg rolls can be made fast but also are freezer friendly for a perfect leftover option on a busy work night or lunch the next day!

Recipe:  thecandidappetite.com

17.  Big Mac Egg Rolls

If you love big mac’s then why not eat them in an egg roll!?  It may sound crazy but these big mac egg rolls really are soooo good.  You can even make the big mac sauce to dip them in!

Recipe:  delish.com

18.  Fried Taco Egg Roll

Another combination of putting two different food types together.  These fried taco egg rolls are so easy to make because they only take seven ingredients to make!

Recipe:  findingzest.com

19.  Jalapeno Popper Egg Rolls

The jalapeno popper egg rolls are a perfect game day or tailgate appetizer that you can serve.  Just make sure that you make enough, because once the word gets out, everyone is going to be wanting to try them out!

Recipe:  savorybitesrecipes.com

20.  Texas Egg Rolls

These Texas egg rolls are filled with a creamy, cheesy, slightly spicy filling.  If you’ve never made these before, give them a shot – you won’t regret it!

Recipe:  createdby-diane.com

21.  Southwestern Egg Rolls

Fill these southwestern egg rolls with veggies, chicken, beans, and some melted cheese.  Wrap them up and enjoy every bite in a crispy egg roll shell.  An excellent party appetizer!

Recipe:  dinneratthezoo.com

22.  Easy Homemade Egg Rolls

What makes these homemade egg rolls so easy and perfect are the simple ingredients.  You can put whatever you want inside and it’ll still be packed with big flavor that the whole family will love!

Recipe:  feastandfarm.com

23.  Spinach Artichoke Egg Rolls

Take your favorite spinach artichoke dip and stuff it into an egg roll.  There isn’t much more to say, it really is that easy to do and the taste is phenomenal!

Recipe:  domesticsuperhero.com

24.  Buffalo Chicken Dip Egg Roll

Buffalo chicken dip is by far the best appetizer in our opinion.  Now get that same flavor in an egg roll form.  The final product is an awesome combination of flavors and textures!

Recipe:  savoringthegood.com

25.  Deep Fried Shrimp Egg Rolls

These deep fried shrimp egg rolls come together so quickly.  But when you only need three ingredients, it all makes sense.  The completed dish is going to be packed with flavor!

Recipe:  theskinnypot.com

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