Keto Peanut Butter Eggs

  • on December 15, 2019
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These keto peanut butter eggs are a great alternative to the Reese’s version. They’re going to taste as good as them but are keto diet approved!

When it comes to Easter time, I must say…my favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  They are so perfect and the peanut butter texture is creamy and just heavenly.  But I just started to get into the keto diet and I know that those won’t be good for me.  So I went looking online for an alternative and found this recipe for keto peanut butter eggs.

What I really like about this recipe is that it comes together with only four ingredients.  The prep time really is nothing and the cooking time (if you want to call it that), is just letting the eggs freeze and cool down in the fridge/freezer.

The way these keto peanut butter eggs taste are going to be almost a copycat to the Reese’s version.  But instead of having the ingredients that would violate my keto diet, these won’t have that issue.  They’re keto, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, low carb, and dairy free – woah, that was a mouthful!

So if you’ve been thinking of starting the keto diet, or are already on it – try out this recipe for a sweet treat and give these keto peanut butter eggs a shot!


  • 3/4 cup coconut flour
  • 2 cups smooth peanut butter Can sub for any nut or seed butter
  • 1/2 cup sticky sweetener of choice * See Notes
  • 1 tbsp liquid of choice Optional
  • 2-3 cups chocolate chips of choice ** See Notes


  1. Combine the coconut flour, smoother peanut butter, and a sticky sweetener of your choice into a large mixing bowl.  Mix it together until it’s well combined.  If the peanut butter is too stiff, you can melt it slightly before hand.
  2. Add some liquid of your choice to the batter if it’s to crumbly.  Add a little bit at a time until it becomes thicker and can be formed.
  3. Cover a large plate or a tray with parchment paper.  Wet your hands slightly and form egg shaped domes with the peanut butter mixture you just made.  Repeat this process until you use up all dough.  Place them in the freezer.
  4. Once the eggs are frozen,  melt your chocolate chips.  Dip the frozen peanut butter eggs into the chocolate (make sure they are completely coated and covered).  Put them back onto the parchment paper and put them into the fridge until they get firm.


* For sweeteners, you can use maple syrup, agave nectar, honey and brown rice syrup.  To make sure you keep it keto approved – you can use monk fruit sweetener and add some coconut milk until it’s thick.

** You can use either Stevia sweetened chocolate chips, or dairy free paleo vegan chocolate chips – all to keep it keto approved.


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